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Talent Policy
  Respect, Train and Develop


With a mission of creating value & serving the society and an orientation of becoming expert of global investment management and smarter energy as well as provider of smarter energy & smarter city, FEB holds a vision of building and sharing a safe, green and better life. FEB Holding Group aims at having an annual revenue of 100 billion RMB with an annual net profit of 6 billion RMB by 2024.

FEB sticks to a concept of respect, train and develop people in its human resources management, and advocates a principle of hiring talents of good virtues and performance by offering them with more resources and greater platform. Based on the needs of employees, FEB seeks for win-win of the company and its members by optimizing management and providing skill trainings to discover staffs’ potentials and integrate it with the company target. After years of development, FEB has established many concepts regarding employees by taking them as its family members and therefore has been named China’s Best Employers for consecutive years.

Talent Policy

Everyone could be a talent hunter.

Talents are those that suitable for FEB and perform well. 

Talent Policy

Respect individuality, use one’s strength.

Promote outstanding ones and make the best out of a talent.

Talent Policy

Select and discover talents’ potentials.

Train individually and encourage practice.

Talent Policy

Integrate and shape staffs with culture.

Retain talents and share fruits.

Talent Policy

Center on performance, encourage leaders and urge stragglers.

Talent Policy

Requirements for Team Building

1.  Highly recognize and practice FEB’s culture and value;
 Have noble virtues and professional ethnics,
Be responsible for one’s job and love what he/she does;
3.  Integrate one’s work performance with FEB strategy and fulfill it;
4.  Work innovatively and efficiently.

Salary & Welfare Benefits Policy

1.  Salary scheme based on work performance;
2.  Special bonus for R&D personnel accomplish his/her projects;
3.  Bonus for sales personnel accomplish his/her sales target;
4.  Apartment and other bonus for special talents;
5.  Social security and holidays according to national laws and various trainings;
6.  Equity incentive (for technical and management personnel work in FEB for over a year;
7.  Board and lodging: FEB provides dormitory and canteen for staffs with 30% allowance for dining;
8.  Allowance for telephone bill: FEB provides telephone for work.

Talent Policy


Cell r & d engineer

职位 Discussed personally
Full time   /   No limit  /  No limit Jiangxi province | | yichun city | | yuan zhou district - -
Engineer of R&D Engineer of Battery R&D

Key account manager

职位 Discussed personally
Full time   /   No limit  /  No limit Jiangxi province | yichun city | yuan zhou district - -
Engineer of Battery R&D Engineer of R&D
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